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E-Collar Training Explained

In this video, Ronnie, Co-Owner of The K-9 Academy, briefly explains the benefits of e-collar training.


Tools for Dog Training

The K-9 Academy, LLC is a dogtra authorized dealer.

Electronic Collar

The electronic collar (e-collar) is a pivotal tool in basic obedience and off-leash training. Does your dog jump on your guests, or bolt out of the door when you open it? Our training with the e-collar will correct those issues.

After teaching your dog what actions are forbidden, the e-collar is used to transmit vibrations and low-level electronic pulses for continued deterrence. This highly effective training tool is used by police and military K-9 units around the world.

We pride ourselves in using the e-collar in a safe and humane way. We only begin e-collar training after ample training with treats and toys as incentives, as well as training with no incentives. Ensuring your dog knows what is being asked of him and using low-level stimulation provides a smooth and stress-free transition to e-collar training.

Part of the owner training upon your dog’s return is learning how to properly put on and utilize the e-collar.  As a Dogtra Authorized Dealer, The K-9 Academy purchases e-collars from from Dogtra, and we stand behind their quality.

Prong Collar

One of the materials provided in your package is a prong collar. Does your dog pull you when you have him on a leash? Our training with the prong collar will correct that issue.

Don’t be fooled by the look… a prong collar is a safe and effective training tool. Unlike a “choke chain,” a prong collar gives soft pinches to the dog, emulating his mother biting him on the neck.

Part of the owner training upon your dog’s return is learning how to properly size, put on, and utilize the prong collar. The K-9 Academy purchases Herm Sprenger prong collars, and we stand behind their quality.

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