The K-9 Academy

Ruby: 2-Day Intensive Training

Ever wonder what can really be accomplished in just two days?

This video gives a peek of the many training scenario's Ruby went through (and retained!) during the 2-Day Intensive.

Fen: Loose Leash and Lay & Stay!

Do you ever take special requests?

Fen, a 6-month-old German Shepherd mix, came for a special 4-night visit. Here's a recap!

Baxter: Off-Leash in 1 Day!

Here's a peek into Baxter's 1-Day Crash Course!

We worked on basic obedience, loose leash walking, and off-leash walking and recall. What a transformation!

"Sit" & "Heel" Commands By A 6-Year-Old

Does your dog listen to every member of your household?

Watch this 6-year-old practice loose leash walking and off-leash commands with her German Shepherd.

Jenny: 2-Day Intensive Training

Jenny hit 6-months-old and came straight to The K-9 Academy!

This video shows a glimpse of our distraction training. Since Jenny lives on a farm, we had to make sure she listens no matter what is around!

1-Day Crash Course: Basic Obedience and Loose Leash

Does your dog respond when called?

After just a couple of hours, Baxter was esponding to basic commands off-leash, and walking with a loose leash - no pulling!

Coulson: Off-Leash Training

Believe it or not, our training leash is a great way to get dogs off-leash.

Here's a peek at Coulson's 2-Day Intensive!

Tobi: 2-Day Intensive, Puppy Training!

Feeling hopeless with your puppy?

Here's a peak at Tobi's 2-Day Intensive at The K-9 Academy. We worked on basic obedience, recall, and loose leash walking.

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