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The K-9 Academy is a growing dog training business nestled in the heart of Central Virginia. Our mission is to empower dog owners to gain complete control of their dog, and to provide them with a broadened peace of mind. Our vision is for all dog owners to love and enjoy their pets, without worry of obedience.

Family Owned & Operated

Newfypoo. Off-leash dog training in Central Virginia. E-Collar training.

Ronnie & Ashley Coleman are proud to have opened The K-9 Academy in 2019 after helping countless friends gain control of their pets. Their German Shepherd, Dirk, even loves to help with dog training!

Satisfaction Guaranteed


At this time, we are offering a money-back guarantee on all dog training sessions. The only non-refundable money will be money spent towards training tools (noted on the "Training Tools" tab).

Our Story

In 2009 I purchased my first dog, a purebred Doberman Pinscher, from a distinguished breeder. As a puppy, I sent him away for a two-week intensive training course with the hopes of having an exceptionally well-behaved dog. When he returned, he knew basic commands such as coming when called, sit, lay down, and stay. For me, that wasn’t enough! At that time, I started implementing the techniques I learned from the trainer to take his skills from good to great! Tricks such as playing dead, shaking left or right paws (yes he knew his left from right), and heeling with no leash are just a few examples of what I taught him. Sadly, he passed away from a heart disease in 2016.

Fast forward to 2018 when my wife and I brought home a purebred German Shepherd puppy! I rolled the techniques I learned almost a decade prior into a full training program. At six months old he would come when called, sit, lay, and stay (all with hand signs too!). He would also bark on command, heel with no leash, play dead, roll over, shake left or right paw (yes, he knows his left from right as well!), go to his crate on command, and several other tricks. I decided to start helping family and friends with their pets, as I seemed to have a gift for working with dogs. After being told by a lot of people, “you need to open a business,” here I am!

My wife and I are overjoyed to have opened The K-9 Academy in 2019. I look forward to working with your dogs to make them the star of the show when they are out in public, but more importantly making sure that you can enjoy your dog at home. Thanks for checking us out!

- Ronnie





The K-9 Academy, LLC is the only Dogtra Authorized Dealer within 90 miles of Lynchburg, VA. Visit the Dogtra website to view their product offerings, and let us know what we can get for you!



 The K-9 Academy, LLC is the only King Kanine Wholesaler within 93 miles of Lynchburg, VA.  Visit the King Kanine website to view their product offerings, including grooming products and CBD pet oils. 

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